This display of Auriculas and Primulas was put together by members of the Northern section at the 4 day Harrogate Spring show which was on from the 24th to the 27th of April 2003. The Auriculas were staged in the traditional Auricula Theatre with a black velvet back cloth. An assortment of Primulas were shown in clay pots or pans in the front of the display, surrounded by dried Beech leaves. All the plants used were grown by members of the Society. This was the fifth consecutive Gold Medal awarded in the past five years.



 This is a close up shot of part of the Auricula Theatre part of the display, the Auriculas are shown in hand thrown terracotta pots that were specially commissioned  by the Northern section for use in such displays. The pots we use are not the traditional "Long Tom", but slightly shorter versions because of the weight factor on the base we are provided with to stage on at Harrogate.


                       Awarded The Gold Medal

          The Northern Section Auricula Show at Cheadle May 3rd 2003

                  CHLOE      Best Green Edged Show Auricula CHLOE, Grown by R.Westwood

The best Green Edged show Auricula at Cheadle on the day was judged to be CHLOE, as seen here grown on this occasion by Mr.R.Westwood from, Mow-Cop in Staffordshire.

CHLOE was originally raised by the late Fred Buckley of Macclesfield and was first seen on the show benches in 1967 and the following year won a Premier and is still capable of doing so today, but not on this occasion. No Premier award was made this year for the Show Auriculas, it was just judged to be the best Green in the show but not of the exacting standards required to get the prestigious Premier Medal.

             GAVIN WARD Best Grey Edged Show Auricula GAVIN WARD, grown by D. Hadfield
The best Grey Edged Auricula in show was GAVIN WARD, seen here grown by Mr. D Hadfield the Northern sections Secretary who has raised some fine Grey and Green Edged Auriculas over the years. On this occasion the plant in question was raised by Mr. P.Ward of Bristol.

Peter raised Gavin Ward in 1976 from a Walhampton x Teem cross, Peter named the seedling after his son and considered it to be the best Grey he has raised. It is considered to be a good reliable grower but it does not freely produce offsets so is always much sought after by exhibitors and collectors of fine Grey Edged Auriculas.

           BILBO BAGGINS      PREMIER Alpine Auricula  BILBO BAGGINS grown by J.Radford
This Gold Centred Alpine Auricula BILBO BAGGINS was judged to be the best on the day and worthy of receiving top accolade  PREMIER. As seen here, grown and  exhibited by Mr. J.Radford of Suttoncoldfield in the Midlands.

The fact that John raised this fine Alpine Auricula about 4 years ago  from his own open pollinated seed must have been doubly pleasing to him, it is slowly finding its way now into collections and is obviously much sought after.

                   PRIMA            PREMIER Double Auricula PRIMA, grown by D.Tilt
PRIMA was judged to be the PREMIER double Auricula from all the classes for Double Auriculas at Cheadle on the day.

A relatively new variety, its one that all serious exhibitors want in their collection, raised only a few years ago by Mr. D Tilt who comes from Halesowen. I am told it was raised by Derek from seed he received from Mr. K Whorton ex Northern Section President who is well known for producing a number of fine new varieties of Double Auriculas. Double Auriculas have made giant strides over the past 20 years in both quality, quantity and new colour breaks and Prima is a fine example of what is being produced now. 

    The Northern Section Auricula Show at Newbottle, May 10th 2003

  ROBERTO Seedling PREMIER Best Edged Auricula ROBERTO Seedling  by D Hadfield
 Top accolade went to this Green Edged seedling which was judged best Edged Auricula in show [including Grey and White Edged].

Raised and grown by David Hadfield  from Cheadle in Cheshire who has raised some of our top Edged Auriculas over the years it is a seedling raised from Roberto, a relatively old variety now, but still held in high regard and still capable of getting Premiers in its own right. There was a good number of Green, Grey and White Edged at this show despite the early and difficult season caused by the weather so this seedling won in very good company.

             LIMELIGHT                 Best Self Auricula LIMELIGHT, grown  by R Taylor
 LIMELIGHT was judged to be best Self Auricula, grown and Exhibited here by Robert Taylor of Bradford, West Yorkshire. LIMELIGHT was raised a few years ago now by the late Tim Coop of Harrogate and  regularly does well whenever it appears on the show benches. It does not photograph well to my mind and needs to be seen on the show bench to appreciate its unique hint of lime green which gives it a crisp fresh quality.

             ANDY COLE            Best Alpine Auricula ANDY COLE grown by T Atkinson
 ANDY COLE took top honors in the Alpine Auricula classes, grown and shown here by Terry Atkinson from Nelson in Lanc's who is currently the Northern Sections President. It was raised by Derek Telford a few years ago and named after the footballer. Derek has raised many fine Auriculas over the years but in latter years specialised in Alpine Auriculas over all the others, and many of the fine named Alpine varieties we have at the moment were raised by Derek who came originally from the North East but has lived at Oaks near Huddersfield West Yorkshire for a number of years now.

                  PRIMA                 Best Double Auricula PRIMA grown by K Leeming
 PRIMA took the honors again in the Double Auricula class, this time grown and Exhibited by Keith Leeming who lives in Sandbach, Cheshire. This was a smaller plant than the one shown the previous week by D, Tilt who raised it and took Premier at Cheadle with it, but it still showed its fine form and is stamping its authority now wherever it is shown as one of the leading Double Auriculas. Unfortunately it does not give many offsets so it is going to be slow finding its way into exhibitors collections.

SIEBOLDII Seedling Best Primula  SIEBOLDII SNOWFLAKE seedling by H Nottingham
 This Primula SIEBOLDII Seedling was judged best Primula, its a seedling from the variety SNOWFLAKE, pure white and nicely cut or lacerated flowers that give the snowflake appearance. Grown and Exhibited here by Mrs. Hazel Nottingham from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Sieboldii are Japanese Primulas and are known in Japan as Sakurasoh, they come in many different forms and colours from pure white to pinks, reds, and lavenders or blue, I am told there are even double forms now.

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