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Auriculas are hardy and in the main are quite happy grown in the garden. However to achieve the best plants for exhibition protection from the worst of the weather is preferred.

An unheated greenhouse, cold frame or other protection is all that is needed to grow plants to show standards.


Auriculas are hybrids and do not produce true copies of the parent plant from seed. This provides an opportunity to create new varieties that are either an improvement on that which is currently available or a new break in colour or type. To ensure that the hobby has a future there is always a need for new varieties.

To reproduce true copies of the parent and increase the numbers of that variety, we take off-sets, which are small plantlets growing from the main root (referred to as the carrot).

We are frequently asked how we grow our plants, the following guides may help.

Growing Auriculas from Seed

Auricula Growing Guide

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