National Auricula & Primula Society
Northern Section
Northern Section


Members are invited to submit, for competition, photographs of their own plants within the relevant groups listed below, (attention is drawn to rule 2), which will be judged in accordance with the usual Society standards.

Entries for all groups, listed below, are to show only a single plant or pan and are to comply with those species or hybrids listed in the Northern Section Show Schedules for the Primula Show and Auricula Shows respectively.

Quality of photography will not be the first consideration, but obviously a reasonable good portrayal will assist in judging the quality of the plant. (see notes)

The purpose of the competition is to enable our members to display their plants to others, given that once again we have been unable to hold our annual shows.

Winners of each section will have their photographs shown in the 2021 Society Yearbook.

Judging will be undertaken by a panel of judges selected by the committee. In addition a “Member’s choice” vote using email is being planned.


Group A – Species Primula, any plant as Primula show schedule, Section 1

Group B – Hybrid Primula, any plant as Primula show schedule, section 2

Group C – Garden Form Vernales Primula, any plant as Primula show schedule, section 3

Group D – Novice Primula, any plant as Primula show schedule, section 6

Group E – Show Auricula, any plant as Auricula show schedule, section 1

Group F – Alpine Auricula, any plant as Auricula show schedule, section 2

Group G – Any other Auricula, any plant as Auricula show schedule, sections 3, 4 and 5

Group H – Novice Auricula, any plant as Auricula show schedule, sections 1a, 2a, 3a and 4a


1. All members are entitled to enter a maximum of 4 entries per group listed above. Each entry must be accompanied by:

• name of entrant

• name of photographer

• name of plant (e.g. P. vulgaris; Dilly Dilly etc)

• group the photograph is being entered into (e.g. Group G)

2. Plants portrayed must be the property of the entrant, but need not be photographed by the entrant.

3. All photographs must have been taken in 2021, in a format suitable for use for publication. See notes below.

4. Images may be submitted at any time by e-mail to auricula1872@gmail.com but no later than 29 May 2021.

Please do not leave submitting them to the last minute!

5. It is a condition of entry that the Society shall have the right to publish a reproduction of any entry for any reason agreed by the Committee, without any payment to the photographer.

6. The Society reserve the right to withhold or reject any entry from the competitions for failure to comply with these rules.


1. Photographs should be sent un-cropped, to allow for cropping by the web-master, this will allow them to be displayed on the website in a square format. To facilitate this, please take photographs in landscape format with space to left and right of subject.

2. A single plant or pan in the case of Primulas is required. For clarity please place a background behind your plant to isolate from other plants. A piece of black, grey or white cloth or card placed behind should suffice, these are less distracting than bright colours or patterns.

3. Some e-mail providers limit the size of photographs. Should you encounter any problems sending your images, or any other issues or questions, please contact Alan Clelland.