The National Auricula & Primula Society

Northern Section

Primula Show 2018

Saturday 7th April 2018.

Another increasingly difficult year for our members and although exhibits were down in numbers on previous years and also visitors to this show, we were lacking in quantity but we were not let down in the quality of plants benched.Our members produced some very nice quality plants against the odds caused by the long bad winter this year. I hope you enjoy seeing a small sample of the plants that appeared at the show, below are details of winning plants and their owners.

The Brierly Cup for most points in section 1, went to N. D. Tyers.

The Millward Cup for most points in section 2, went to V. Woolley.

The Doris Jean Jacques Cup for most points in section 3, went to A. Thorpe.

The Webster Cup for most points in section 4, J. Cattle.

The Crocker Cup was not Awarded.

The Ogden Cup for best Seedling was awarded to D. E. Thompson.

The Vernales Plate for best unnamed vernales seedling was awarded D. Salt.

The Lincoln Cup for best Auricula in show went to J. Cattle. for Lucy. T.

The Zanini Cup for most points in show went to A. Thorpe.

The Premier Medal was not Awarded this year.

The Spring Cup for best plant in show was won by V. Woolley for Lindum Picotee.

The Bob Taylor Trophy for the best GLP in show went to J. Eddington.

Double Primrose

Double Primrose

Agnes & EG Watson

Agnes & EG Watson

P. alionii class

alionii class

Belarina Butter Yellow

Belarina Butter Yellow

Belarina Cobalt Blue

Belarina Cobalt Blue

Best GLP

best GLP

Blue Cowichan

Blue Cowichan

Blue Lace

blue lace

Blue Polyanthus

blue polyanthus

Broadwell Milkmaid

Broadwell Milkmaid

Colin Burrow & Lindum Cupid

colin burrows

Double Primrose & Polyanthus

double primrose

Drumcliffe & Dunbeg

Drumcliffe & Dunbeg





GLP Red Ground

glp red ground



Hybrid allionii

Hybrid allionii

Lime & Orange

Lime & Orange

Lindsey Lace

Lindsey lace

Lindum Grand

lindum grand

Lindum Hills

lindum hills

Lindum Ibis

lindum ibis

Lindum Jazz

lindum Jazz

Lindum Picotee

lindum Picotee

Lindum Unforgetable

lindum Unforgetable

Lucy T

Lucy T

Marginata Dwarfe form

Marginata Dwarfe

P. Bingley Folk

p bingley folk

P. elatior

p elatior

P. farinosa

p farinosa

P. juliae

p juliae

P. megaseifolia

 p megaseifolia

P. rosea Grandiflora

p Rosea Grandiflora

P. veris

p veris

P. victoriana

p victoriana

P. vulgaris Gigah

p vulgaris Gigah

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne

Polyanthus Seedling

polyanthus seedling

Polyanthus Class


Primula Seedling

Primula seedling

Small Flowering Types

small flowering types



Table Decoration

table decoration

Zebra Blue

Zebra Blue

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