National Auricula & Primula Society
Northern Section
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
Northern Section
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
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The National Auricula and Primula Society (Northern Section), is the oldest of the National Society Sections, being formed in 1873 and celebrating our 150th Anniversary this year.

Originally set up for enthusiasts to exhibit their plants in competition, it remains a primary purpose today. However not all our members exhibit, some maintain often large collections purely for their own enjoyment in their greenhouses, gardens and auricula theatres. Learn all about growing and cultivating the many varieties of Auriculas, Primulas and Gold Laced Polyanthus.

Our members range from the novice, for whom separate show classes are provided, to the major breeders, growers and exhibitors in the world. New members can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome with assistance and mentoring given to those who wish to learn more about our plants.

The things we do!

Each spring, we hold a Primula Show; an Auricula Show and our Northeast Group bring the season to an end with their own Show. Our members compete against each other and show-case their plants for enjoyment. All our shows are open to the public.

The North-East group of the Society hold regular meetings, throughout the year, at Newbottle, near Durham, covering a wide range of topics associated with growing and showing Auriculas and Primulas.

We display at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show each year, to highlight our Society and display the plants we grow, based around a traditional Auricula Theatre. Members are in attendance to give advice and information on Primulas and Auriculas. Come along, look at our plants, meet our members and ask any questions you may have regarding the plants we grow.

Many of our members support the Ancient Society of York Florists Spring Show, exhibiting in the various classes of Auriculas and Primulas.

Together with the Royal Caledonian Horticulture Society Auricula & Primula Show.

For further details on the things we do, look at the Events page.

Why not join us

We hope our website promotes your interest in our plants and that you may be tempted to join the Society.

Membership provides access to like minded enthusiasts who will be willing to share their knowledge and experience of growing these wonderful plants.

For further details on, and the benefits of, membership see our Membership page.