National Auricula & Primula Society
Northern Section
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
Northern Section
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
1873 - 2023
150th Anniversary
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The seed list for the 2023 season, will remain open until 31 December 2023.

To order, see the options at the end of list below.

Any queries regarding the Seed Exchange should be directed to Jeanie at:

ID Species Name Donor
1 Au Un-named Border (OP) LP
2 Au Alpine seed mixed from named plants (HP) DSk
3 Au Apricot seedling - Border (OP) BC
4 Au Apricot c/o x BG Seedling - Border (OP) 2022
5 Au Blue Border (OP) 2022
6 Au Border (OP) 2022
7 Au Brixton x Regency Carousel - Stripe (HP) 2022
8 Au Broadwell Gold - Border (OP)
9 Au Cobbydale Orange x Broadwell Gold seedling - Border (OP) BC
10 Au Corntime - Self (OP) LK
11 Au Corntime x Eaton Dawn - Self (HP) LK
12 Au Corntime x Moulin Rouge (HP) - Self LK
13 Au Curry Blend (OP) - Border LP
14 Au Eaton Dawn (OP) - Self LK
15 Au Eaton Dawn x Corntime (HP) - Self LK
Fancy Pants x Legacy Valentine - Stripe
17 Au Lemon Drop (OP) - Self LK
18 Au Lucy Locket (OP) - Border 2022
19 Au Maize c/o x BG Seedling (OP) - Border 2022
20 Au Moulin Rouge x Corntime (HP) - Self LK
98 Au Pang Tiger - Stripe (late entry) LK
21 Au Purple Border LH
22 Au Septimus Green x Sappho (HP) - Green Edged BC
23 Au Simply Red x Fleet Street (HP) - Fancy 2022
24 Au Strawberry Fields x Denim seedling - Fancy LP
25 Au Stella South x Powder Puff - Fancy LP

26 Pol Dark Rosaleen (OP) JJ
27 Pol David Valentine (OP) 233/6 DS
28 Pol David Valentine x A23 x 3/9 (HP) 233/9 DS
29 Pol Fenlander Hybrids (OP) 223/5 DS
30 Pol Grand Canyon Barnhaven (HP) JG
31 Pol Lindsey Laced/Silver Laced (OP) LK
32 Pol Marine Blue Barnhaven (HP) JG
33 Pol McWatts Cream (OP) LH
34 Pol Mixed 2022
35 Pol New Pinks Barnhaven (HP) JG
36 Pol Pale Shades (OP) JJ
37 Pol Silver Laced (HP) 223/1 DS
38 Pol Small flowered purple with tall stems (OP) 223/7 DS
39 Pol Yellow Polyanthus (HP) 223/3 DS
40 Pol Yellow Poly x Fenlander (HP) 223/8 DS

To see Primula images click for Primula World

41 Pr alpicola LH
42 Pr aurantiaca JJ
43 Pr aurantiaca hybrids JJ
44 Pr auricula JJ
45 Pr beesiana JJ; 2022
46 Pr bulleyana Don
47 Pr capitata JJ
49 Pr elatior var cordifolia LH; JJ
50 Pr farinosa LH
51 Pr flaccida JJ
52 Pr florindae JJ
53 Pr florindae - good red JJ
54 Pr grandis JJ
55 Pr heucherifolia 2022
56 Pr japonica MW
57 Pr japonica white JJ
58 Pr latifolia Don
59 Pr matthiola 2022
60 Pr mixed candelabra Don
61 Pr munroi JJ
62 Pr pedemontana hybrid 'Ivanhoe' JJ
63 Pr polyneura JJ; MW
64 Pr prolifera JJ
65 Pr pulverulenta JJ
66 Pr rusbyi JJ
67 Pr secundiflora JJ; MW; Don
68 Pr sieboldii JJ; DS
69 Pr sieboldii 'White Snowflake' LH
70 Pr tibetica JJ
71 Pr veris hybrids JJ
72 Pr veris JJ
73 Pr veris feathered form JG; JJ
74 Pr veris Hose in Hose JJ; 2022
75 Pr verticillata LH
76 Pr vialii Don
77 Pr waltonii MW
78 Pr waltonii hybrids JJ
79 Pr wilsonii JJ
81 Pr wilsonii anisodora JJ
81 Pr x florwalti MW
82 Pr x kewensis green form LH
83 Pr x kewensis JJ

84 Ammi majus JG
85 Arisaema sp. 1 JJ
86 Arisaema sp. 2 JJ
87 Delphinium requienii JG
88 Delphinium Larkspur JG
89 Lupinus pink and dark pink JG
90 Meconopsis baileyi Mec
91 Meconopsis baileyi alba JJ
92 Meconopsis baileyi 'Lingholm' JJ
93 Meconopsis paniculata JJ
94 Meconopsis horridula of hort JJ
95 Meconopsis Fertile Blue JJ
96 Meconopsis zhongdianensis JJ
97 Podophyllum hexandrum JJ
Key Donor List
Au = Auricula 2022 = Last years seed refrigerated
Pol = Polyanthus BC = Brian Coop
Pr = Primula Don = Donation

DSk = Dave Skinner
HP = Hand Pollinated DS = Derek Salt
OP = Open Pollinated JG = Jackie Giles

JJ = Jeanie Jones
LH = Liz Hall
LK = Lesley Key

LP = Lisa Peacock

Mec = Meconopsis Group

MW = Martin Wilkinson

Seed costs this year are £1 per packet plus postage. MEMBERS ONLY

Some seed donated may not be of sufficient quantity to supply all applications, so please provide details of any substitutes, if required.

Should you have any queries regarding the Seed Exchange, please contact Jeanie on seed-ex@auriculas.org.uk

Priority will be given to seed donors.


An invoice will be included with your seed delivery, indicating methods of payment.

To order on-line, MEMBERS ONLY:

Complete the On-line Order Form to send us your details and seed order.

To order by post, MEMBERS ONLY:

A PDF Order Form is available for printing off, see link below, or just copy the format by hand. Please ensure you have entered all your details, we may need to contact you regarding your order.

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