National Auricula & Primula Society
Northern Section
Northern Section


ID Species Name Donor
1 Au Alpine Blue Yodeller x Blue Yodeller  Sold out JW
2 Au Alpine crosses DSk
3 Au Alpine Dilly Dilly x Dilly Dilly  Sold out JW
4 Au
Dark self x red self (ex Henry Pugh's line)  Sold out AG
5 Au
Doug Lochhead x Nell Gwynne (border)  Sold out AG
6 Au
Edged Karen Cordrey x Tamino  Sold out JW
7 Au
Fabuloso (OP)  Sold out LK
8 Au
Fancy x stripe Jack Horner x Jilting Jessie  Sold out JW
9 Au
First Lady x Jeff Scruton  Sold out LK
10 Au
First Lady x Rab C Nesbitt  Sold out LK
11 Au
First Lady x The Argyles  Sold out LK
12 Au
Night and Day (OP)  Sold out LK
13 Au
Night and Day x Scorcher seedling (OP)  Sold out LK
14 Au
Quarry Lane x CW Needham  Sold out LK
15 Au
Regency Emperor x Tamino  Sold out JW
16 Au
Regency St Clements x Cutie Pie  Sold out LK
17 Au
Show bandit (OP)  Sold out LK
18 Au
Stripe cross Noelle x Zorro  Sold out JW
19 Au
Stripe Lolita x Zorro  Sold out JW
20 Au
Stripe Zorro x Lolita  Sold out JW
21 Au
Various show selfs and fancy crosses
22 Au
Yellow fancy Yellow Muff x Jack Horner  Sold out JW
23 Au
Yellow Upton Belle x Brasso  Sold out JW

24 Pol
Apricot x primrose Jupiter white  Sold out JW
25 Pol
26 Pol
Ex Barnhaven mixed (OP)
27 Pol
Ex Barnhaven spiced shades (HP)
28 Pol
GLP x GLP hose in hose Sold out DSa
29 Pol
Red cowslip  Sold out DSa
30 Pol
Show stopper purple  Sold out DSa
31 Pol
Small blue, red ring, yellow eye
32 Pol
33 Pol
White shades
34 Pol White x Red  Sold out DSa
35 Pol White x White with red center  Sold out DSa

37 Pr aurantiaca hybrids  Sold out JJ
38 Pr beesiana JJ
39 Pr capitata JJ
40 Pr chionantha JJ
41 Pr chionantha MW
42 Pr denticulata JJ
43 Pr elatior EH
44 Pr florindae JJ
45 Pr forbesii EH
46 Pr Involucrata  Sold out MW
47 Pr Japonica red JJ
48 Pr Japonica red MW
49 Pr japonica white JJ
50 Pr Northern lights x Milk and honey  Sold out AG
51 Pr polyneura MW
52 Pr pulverulenta JJ
53 Pr secundiflora JJ
54 Pr secundiflora MW
55 Pr sieboldii Carmine self  Sold out AG
56 Pr sieboldii Carmine/White stripes  Sold out AG
57 Pr sieboldii pale blue (OP)  Sold out AG
58 Pr sieboldii white (OP)  Sold out AG
59 Pr Wanda primroses orange x white  Sold out JW
60 Pr wilsonii anisodora JJ
61 Pr vialii MW
Donor List
Au = Auricula
DSa = Derek Salt
JJ = JeanieJones
OP =Open pollinated
AG = Allan Guest
HP=Hand pollinated
JG = Jackie Giles

JW = John Wilson

MW = Martin Wilkinson

EH = Elizabeth Hall

LK = Leonard Key

To order:

Please send order to:
Chris Gill,
8A Church Lane,
HX3 9TD.

1. A PDF Order Form is available for printing off, link below, please ensure you have entered all your details, we may need to contact you regarding your order.

2. Give seed number and second choices if any. If selections are unavailable a credit note will be issued, DO NOT send an SAE.

3. Up to six packets cost £2-50, (Overseas £3-50 to cover postage).

4. Each additional packet thereafter costs 30 pence.

5. Pay in Sterling,
Cheques MUST be made payable to:
'The National Auricula and Primula (NAPS) Society'.

6. Postal orders, cash sterling or upper limit cheque accepted.

7. Priority is given to donors, then paid up members of NAPS then none-members.

Seed Exchange Order Form PDF