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Northern Section
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Members are reminded that subscriptions fall due on 1st January 2022 and should be paid before the end of February, in accordance with our Constitution. Should you have any queries regarding your membership renewal, please contact the treasurer@auriculas.org.uk.

The current membership rates are:

  • members within the UK, £10.00 - which covers one member plus a spouse/partner.
  • members outside the UK, £15.00 (we can only accept payment in Sterling - this covers our additional postage costs).

The preferred methods to re-new your annual subscription are:

  • Standing Order: This is, by far, the best method for you and for the Section since subs come directly to our bank account. Around half of members already pay in this way - you will not forget to pay and it saves the Section a great deal of time and expense in chasing unpaid subscriptions.

    Remember that you have total control over a Standing Order, it is your instruction to your bank to make a payment on a specified date - only you can alter the amount or stop it.

    There is a blank form here on the website, Standing Order - you just need to print it off and fill in your own bank and account details, add your surname and initial [eg SmithJ] as the payment reference (so that NAPS can identify the payment as yours) and hand the form in to your bank, not the Treasurer.

    The Treasurer can also provide a blank form by contacting him at treasurer@auriculas.org.uk.

    You can also set up the Standing Order directly yourself if you use on-line banking. Please note that if your bank uses "Confirmation of Payee" this will report the NAPS account name as NAPS AURICULA PRIMULA NORTH.

  • cheque: please make your cheque payable to NAPS Northern Section, and post it to Mr L. Key, 5 Chollerford Avenue, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 8QD.

  • cash: if you need to make a payment with cash, then the Treasurer will be present at most if not all Section activities i.e. shows, meetings and for example, The Ancient Society and Harrogate Spring Shows.