National Auricula & Primula Society
Northern Section
Founded 1873
Northern Section
Founded 1873


Members are reminded that subscriptions fall due on 1st January each year and should be paid before the end of February, in accordance with our Constitution. Should you have any queries regarding your membership renewal, please contact the treasurer@auriculas.org.uk.

The current membership rates are:

  • members within the UK, £10.00 - which covers one member plus a spouse/partner.

  • members outside the UK, £15.00 (we can only accept payment in Sterling - this covers our additional postage costs).

Standing Order

The best method of renewal for you and the Society. Around half our members pay by this method.

Bank Transfer

Using your on-line banking.

Have you considered using a Standing Order?

Credit Card

Use your PayPal account to pay for your membership. OR use the Credit Card option without a PayPal account.
UK Membership ONLY


Pay By Cheque

Pay by cheque direct to the Treasurer.

Paying by Bank Transfer or PayPal will save you postage!

Alternatively if you need to make a payment with cash, then the Treasurer will be present at most Section activities i.e. shows and meetings.